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Darryn M.

Always great service, recommend to all

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Shane B.

Easy, friendly and affordable. Helped me with several unexpected bills, recommended as the best out there bar none.

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Michaela A.

Fast & easy. Great service, easy & convenient repayment set up… I highly recommend Payday Loan to borrowers!

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Linda H.

Thank you Payday Loan. You are quick, efficient and easy to do business with. It is great knowing that you are there for extra financial support, should I need it. Great service, thumbs up.

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Massey T.

Thank you Payday Loan, as I was in dire need and you came to the rescue. I totally appreciated it and was able to do the things I needed. It was so quick and easy, the staff were helpful and polite. Thanks again PDL

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Paula H.

I have always had professional prompt service from your team and have never had any issues. When I have called up with issues logging in, I have always had friendly helpful advice. Thank you

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Michael J.

Fast and friendly customer service. No hassle applications and simple speedy loans with affordable repayments.

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Losivai T.

Thanks a lot 🙂 An awesome fast loan service and the best there is out there. I needed some money in a hurry and Payday Loan helped me in less than an hour with no hassle, all completed online, no need to see anyone nor attending an office for my renewal request and money paid

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Jonathan C.

Payday loan helped me pay urgent bills in an easy and discreet manner. Will use to get out of a jam again. Thanks Payday.

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Matile L.

Thank you so much for providing great service and lending money when you need it most, you’ve made the process very easy and efficient, highly recommended.

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Jennifer M.

I found Payday Loan incredibly helpful and also easy to deal with. The contract was clear and easy to understand. Also, whenever I needed to contact the service department, they always got back to me really quickly and were happy to provide support. I would definitely recommend Payday Loan to others.

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Awhina H.


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Marissa G.

This is a service that I would highly recommend to others. Very easy, very fast. No dramas. I now know that if I am ever in a pickle, I can count on these guys.

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Kris M.

Very helpful in time of need. Thanks a lot to the team.Fast service and efficient. Will never use a credit card again!

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Ada R.

Great, always on time with payments, and customer service was excellent. I do, however, think the interest is quite high.

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Aaron C.

Once again, a hassle-free transaction from the team at Payday Loan. Always great to know they are there when we get caught short. Thanks again!!

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Aaron P.

Payday Loan rock! So simple and easy. The interest charged was surprisingly really small, and I would definitely use them again in the future. I have also recommended them to friends. Thank you Payday Loan for making short term loans so easy!

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Carla D.

Great team, prompt reply and very keen to assist. Best place to go if you need that last minute extra cash and can’t wait until next payday. I recommend!

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Rachael R.

They were there for me when I needed them, and I recommend them to anyone that needs that quick top up. Thanks heaps

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Rulia F.

It is so good to know that you can rely on someone for help during an unexpected time of need. Thank you for your service

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Celia H.

I have used Payday Loan a few times now, they have come to my rescue when I’ve needed extra cash, so a big thanks to them

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Tina K.

Excellent service really helped me out when in a pinch. Had the unfortunate experience of missing a few payments and going into arrears and they were just awesome to deal with in helping me get sorted.

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Sheridan C.

Good for an instant loan, the repayments were quite high, but handy to have when you need money.

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John O.

I get paid monthly, and I this is a great way to get money in any emergency situation. Thank Payday loan I can always rely on your service when all else fails

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Erin H.

I have had a awesome experience with Payday Loan on the many occasions that I have used their services

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Anne T.

I’d just like to say that you guys make life a whole lot easier with your criteria to top up on an existing loan, I have definitely recommended you to others and will continue to keep using your service. Thank you for your help and co-operation.

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Debie S.

Quick, friendly & helpful service with no fuss attitude and super fast deposit, thanks for everything.

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Cie H.

Payday Loan have been awesome they’ve been there when I needed financial help. Thanks guys

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Carla D.

It was great dealing with Payday Loan team. Very professional and action very promptly to my application. Exactly as it is mentioned on the website. Thank you

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Johnathan O.

Great service provider

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Eruera G.


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Michael J.

When I had to make an emergency trip to the dentist and they were demanding payment right then and there, Payday Loan came through and footed the bill. Even though I had a little bit of an iffy credit history, the lovely customer service team worked with me and went out of their way to

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Alison J.

A great service to cover those incidental cash shortages that happen in everyday life. Thanks for reducing the stress.

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Nikki F.

Payday Loan has been great I have had a couple of emergency dental issues, with a few quick steps I was able to relieve my dental pain, painlessly….sounds cheesy I know, but really great service. Thanks all

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Esther T.

Fastest and easiest process ever.. And online excellence does not even begin to describe the prompt service and payment in that time of need.. Thank you, Payday Loan!!!

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Robert N.

Fast, friendly and always accommodating of needs. I would recommend to anyone who needs a short term loan to get through.

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Rangi V.

Payday Loan has helped me get through a lot of financial emergencies. The staff are always really helpful and whenever I apply, their response is fast and efficient. Thank you

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Ngatamaine K.

Thank you for putting up with my late payments. It was rough but Payday Loan was very patient with me and I was able to pay back what I owed.

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Cheri L.

I would like to thank Payday Loan.. The friendly service and not to mention the service you offer has definitely helped me out with those unexpected expenses, and more importantly getting my son the experience of a lifetime with his passion for violin. So thank you for helping me put that smile on his face

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Matalima M.

You guys have done a great job and an excellent service,and that’s why I just stick to you for my financial needs. Cheers

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Lokeni V.

Awesome team, thank you for helping our people. THANKS PAYDAY LOAN…..

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Ofa M.

I am so thankful to Payday Loan for a great relief for my needs when I was stressed because of shortage of money for my needs. When I sent my application for a loan and approved after 10minutes via email and signed the contract and sent back and money was in the bank. The money

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Kirsty E.

I have no issues at all, I’m just happy with everything, the service is fast and you have friendly staff , I’m thrilled that someone will give me the time of day to build my credit history. I’ve recommended to all my family and friends. Thanks

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Anne T.

I think that your service is effective and very efficient, the flexibility with payment options make it very easy to manage the loan repayments, I have recommended your service to others and will continue to keep using your services.

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Toma P.

The service is very quick, you get the response you need in less than half an hour and it’s always there in time of need.

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Kris M.

Always save my day, thanks a lot for the excellent service

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Marion T.

So great and quick. Thanks

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Shane B.

These guys are awesome – quick, easy and friendly and helpful to deal with. Assisted me with an unexpected car issue and a tricky bill – highly recommend them!

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Kris M.

Excellent service

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Philippa M.

Awesome service as always!

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Daveian B.

Payday Loan have been fantastic to deal with – simple application processes, and quick payments into your account when you need them. I’m happy to recommend these guys to anyone looking for a short term loan.

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Philippa M.

Awesome service, fast and efficient. I really appreciate Payday Loan! Happy New Year to you all!

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Robert S.

Payday Loan have been fabulous. So easy, fast and straight forward with no nasty loop holes or surprises. Interest is normal in this day and age when borrowing money, but the service, accessibility and promptness makes Payday Loan a better choice. Due to illness this past year, our family has been caught in very tight

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Jerome T.

I have bad credit but I knew I could pay the weekly installments. I just needed a company to see that and Payday Loan did. Thank you Payday Loan. Quick and easy!!!

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Kathie H.

Excellent service, would definitely recommend this to anyone requiring a short term solution.

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Billie S.

Hi, I have found Payday Loan to be fast and efficient and also very accommodating. Whenever I have needed to loan money they are prompt in responding and you know exactly what you are entitled to loan and repayments with no hidden costs. Awesome service.

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Carole H.

This company has been awesome to myself and family when I have applied the reply has been instant…I highly recommend them to all…10/10 guys

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Bismark T.

A great company, and with easy repayments that you can afford. Have aided many times – and still continue to, without question. Thanks guys!!!

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Ngahou P.

Your people were great and helpful to deal with. Thank you very much for your assistance.

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Phil G.

Thanks for the great service and quickly available funds. Easier than dealing with the bank!

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Jude Y.

I found Payday Loan very easy to use, will use again

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Philippa M.

Excellent service ! Fast and efficient. Thank you heaps 🙂

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Marion T.

Free of fuss, easy and peace of mind, great for those unexpected moments.

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Margaret T.

Found for urgency very professional, and co-operative and quick with service. Thank you

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Jodie R.

I have had just 2 loans & have found all staff that I’ve dealt with very helpful & the service is fast & friendly

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Robert S.

You people are so awesome, everything is done so quickly and it’s so easy, thanks for putting me on your books

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Donna W.

First time user and enjoyed the experience. No 20 questions asked, all done over the Internet and through fax machine and does what it says: money in account in no time at all. Like that they don’t need to contact your employer or wages clerk (saves embarrassment). Cheers

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Gwen S.

Awesome people to deal with, fast, efficient and very friendly 🙂

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Philippa M.

Excellent customer service. Always friendly and professional. Thanks for helping me out!

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Jennifer M.

Great customer service – really friendly and helpful. Would recommend this company to anyone.

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Kalesitaq S.

Thank you so much for a great fast service:-)) Highly recommended

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Laura S.

Payday Loan are incredibly helpful when I need a quick loan. They are also extremely efficient, processing information within minutes – I am a very satisfied customer!

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Lee P.

I would just like to say that i received a very quick service in getting a small loan approved quickly. This is my second time I have used this service to top me up when my wallet feels empty. Wonderful payment plans of up to 6 weeks, Fantastic Service! Thanks guys

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Lisa M.

I have used these guys a few times now, and it’s always in my account quickly. There is never any hassles. Better than a bank without all the questions

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Ray N.

Very fast and efficient service provided by Payday Loan. I have had a couple experiences with them and it’s hassle-free loans, highly recommended as rivals to Payday Loan take too long to process after to tell you that they can’t give more than $100.

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Bismark T.

Great service, highly recommended – has never turned away – whether small or great – they have a fair affordable system. Thanks guys!

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Donna G.

A big thank you to the team at Payday Loan. Awesome, friendly people to deal with and so easy to apply! Would recommend to anyone that is in a tight spot and needed some extra money to get you through.

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Antonio C.

I have used Payday Loan over 6 months now and I have to say when all other lending companies would not give me another chance, Payday Loan did. It was such a relief as I was in great need of help and even though it costs, the process is so simple and best of is

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Bismark T.

Cash Burst has been a wonderful tool of assistance when things run dry and the unforeseen unexpected occurs. It allows for easy payments over a period of time – and is responsible in creating limits according to your earnings. Therefore creating customers who initially just wanted a ‘One Off” – become cautious, long time customers.

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Alison J.

Fantastic service to help solve those tricky times between paydays. Staff have been very helpful whether new to this or renewing a loan.

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Rachel S.

Quick, service, friendly people. and love that they do direct debit so I don’t have to remember to pay them 😛

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Philip S.

Awesome service. Very quick and easy, definitely recommend to anyone who needs quick cash with little hassle.

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Ilaisaane I.

You guys are the best, this is my 5th loan and your company is always prompt and helpful. I will never stop using your loan service. My butt has been saved many times.

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Lisa M.

Again, great service, quick and easy.. no questions asked.. I will keep using these guys as they always help me out when I need it

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Lisa M.

Fast service, and really great to deal with. These guys are really on to it. It’s so easy.

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Craig I.

Friendly and very helpful team and are there to answer any questions. Thanks heaps for a fast hassle free loan

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Robert N.

Quick, easy, just what you need when you are in a payday jam. Lovely people to deal with.

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Rottana S.

This is so handy, thanks so much for helping when I needed this

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Palemene P.

Quick, professional, welcoming, informative and sensitive to needs. What more can one ask for?

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Linda K.

The service is ALWAYS prompt, efficient, friendly and helpful. Andrew has excellent customer service skills and handles all requests in a professional manner. THANK YOU

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Zeb W.

So easy every time. After my first loan there was no need to even speak to anyone for a renewal. Payday Loan is great!!

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Philippa M.

Awesome service – very quick and very friendly – thanks guys!

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Amanda M.

Thank you for your quick response and your efficient fast service, much appreciated

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Rawiri W.

Quick, reliable and no hassles. I have no hesitation in recommending Payday Loan.

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Ofa T.

Just started with this new loan, great customer service Andy

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Anne T.

WOW!! Quick, fast and approved on the same day! And had a customer service rep ring me to tell me the great news!

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Tapu L.

Payday Loan is great for those moments when you come up against unforeseen circumstances like for a funeral or a wedding you can guarantee you won’t be with out and with two easy repayments you are ready borrow again.

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Chiles T.

I have used Payday Loans 4 times now, they have been fantastic, so quick, and the money is in your account the next day. Highly recommended

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Leslie R.

A very fast no hassle loan, that saved my day. I will use them again if needed. Highly recommended, thanks.

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Cecilia K.

Thanks again for the help!!

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