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Payday Loan makes life so much easier when an unexpected bill, or trip comes along and you need extra cash quickly. With easy return payments.

  • D Pirini |

Fast, easy service and immense help when there is a temporary cash shortfall.

  • G Malden |

Really needed the money and Payday Loan actually just saved my behind! Thank you so much!

  • C Skelton |

Great for short term loan when funds needed in a hurry.

  • W Anderson |

Stress Free, these guys rock.

  • M Gough |

Excellent to deal with. Thank you so much. Will definitely come to you again for a pay day loan.

  • C Field |

Fast and efficient service. Friendly and helpful staff.

  • J Bell |

I found Payday Loan’s service fast and very helpful at a time when i really needed financial help in such a short time. I was really pleased with the service because there was no big fuss or too much paper work to be done to get a quick loan in such a short time.

  • K Sauila |

Payday Loan makes borrowing so much easier. Thank you Payday Loan.

  • D PIRINI |

Always prompt with applications and makes life easier. Great service 🙂

  • SBishop |

PAYDAY LOAN is a great way to get financial assistance in a hurry for those little things that pop up. Thank you PAYDAY LOAN,

  • D PIRINI |

Payday Loan is truly a user friendly and excellent service. I have much respect for the opportunities to be able to access this service and feel confident that it is a trust worthy short term money lending service. Thank you PayDay Loan.

  • D Pirini |

Always quick and easy, never had any problems. Highly recommend to others.

  • K Haultain |

Awesome service, Very fast and easy. A++ service indeed.

  • T Murphy |

Quick and easy service. Highly recommended and A very happy customer.

  • F Tunai |

Fantastic Service, Prompt Payment and Friendly Staff. The Top up feature and “advance available” feature are excellent and very helpful + time saving… I can’t fault you, thanks Payday Loan.

  • D McCullough |

Great service quick and easy. Have been a great support for the times when extra cash was required urgently. Thank you so much for attending to my needs over the past months, it has been most appreciated.

  • J Tebbs-Kearney |

I have had several loans with PayDay loan and they are by far the easiest, quickest and most trustworthy in the business. They’ve helped me immensely and I’d recommend them to anyone!

  • J Rewi |

I am happy to say that Payday loan works well for me not to mention the over all service that I’ve received from customer rep’s and the service that they provide for the clients is fantastic and speedy. I have had no problems with payday loan. Great Teamwork.

  • M Nicholas |

Great people to deal with, easy access & quick process

  • M Savage |

These guys are awesome…Have had no major issue with obtaining emergency cash for small errands.. especially when I get paid monthly… Thanks Payday loans religious user I am…. 🙂

  • J Rock |

I have had several PayDay Loans, and they make it easy to get a loan within a short period of time. It’s fantastic, and the process is really simple, user friendly and the team are very professional. Thank you so much PayDay Loan.

  • D Pirini |

Very friendly and prompt service, good rates compared to other providers. I was happy to receive a promo code, which waived the establishment fee. I definitely recommend Payday Loan.

  • H Mazyan |

Great staff fast and easy loan.

  • K Haultain |

Great service always effortless transaction. Quick and efficient

  • J Tebbs-Kearney |

The idea of having flexible payment arrangements on your pay day and having the option of fast payment is great, it comes in handy especially when you really need the funds. Thanks PayDay Loans…you are awesome. You have helped me in a few sticky situations.

  • J Toa |

Quick and easy process.

  • J Connor |

Quick, easy, effortless, professional and friendly service. What more can you ask for?

  • P Pritchard |

I would like to thank the staff at Payday Loan for there awesome service with providing me with short term loans at short notice. Awesome and highly recommend them to anyone.

  • N Kirianu |

I would like to thank Pay Loan Company for their awesome service Recommend them to my friends. Thanks

  • Rose F |

Fast service, Definitely recommend!!

  • Kelly H |

Awesome on the spot when needed! Much appreciated PDL! All the best for 2015

  • Massey T. |

Thank you again for the expedient way in which you conduct your business. Prompt and efficient service and reasonable rates.

  • June T. |

Thank you Payday Loan for the fantastic and fast experience. As as first time client I was nervous, but the process was very professional, fast & friendly. I will be back again.

  • Kama B. |

Hi team, I just want to say thanks for the great service, fast and hassle free. Most appreciated and I will definitely use the service again. Best regards J Davies

  • Julian D. |

I have used Payday Loan on several occasions, and it’s fantastic for that quick cash injection on a short term basis. Thank you for the opportunity to access this service.

  • Donna P. |

Thank you for my cash loan, you made it so effortless. Finally found a company that is hassle and stress-free. Easy repayments and available when you really need it.

  • Vilisoni F. |

I get paid monthly and for short term, this is ideal to stay on top of general amenities that pop up unexpectedly, I don’t even talk to anyone, I now use this as a back up plan on unexpected issues that require cash fast! Without fuss… Great service, Number 1 Payday Loans

  • Jonathan O. |

Thanks Payday Loan for always being quick and fast, and helping me out when I need it!! You guys are the bomb dot com.

  • Sheena F. |

Very easy service and a perfectly simple website to apply.

  • J C. |

Great customer service with no hassles and no delays. Thanks for your help, Payday team 🙂

  • Lagi M. |

If you need funds fast, then this is the company to use. Very efficient, no hassle and always professional.

  • June T. |

So easy as 1-2-3. Saved a lot of time and very convenient. Quick & easy, no fuss. Thanks Cash Burst.

  • Vilisoni F. |

Payday Loan has assisted me when I need funds urgently. Great customer service and quick and easy to deal with. Thanks 🙂

  • Lagi M. |

No fuss payments into your account when you need them. Great team at Payday Loan, quick and efficient.

  • Jay T. |

Payday Loan is amazing!! I always get the best service!! Staff is always lovely and helpful!! The process is always quick and easy also!! 🙂

  • Starzia S. |

Easy affordable Service

  • Jonathan C. |

Payday Loan is awesome, quick and easy when you needs extra funds. I have made use of them when I have had emergencies and it is quick, online and money within minutes. If you need that extra cash please use them as they process the funds quickly.

  • Marie F. |

Good and fast contact, funds deposited quickly and method of repayment tailored to my need, thank you

  • J c Varnier |

I have used PAYDAY LOAN on many occassions and it makes my life so much easier knowing that I have an opportunity to purchase anything I need with access to a short time loan with affordable repayments in a short space of time. Thank you so much PAYDAY LOAN for making this possible.

  • D Pirini |

Hi all – absolute lifesavers on several occasions when struggling and able to get food for kids but not me, they came through 🙂

  • G Collecutt |

Many thanks for the great service over the last few months. Your online system is great, two minutes to apply and half an hour later the money is in my account. Couldn’t be easier!

  • H Davidson |

I have actually used payday loan for bills or car payments but the biggest thing was quitting smoking. I got a loan to get hypnoized and its been 3 months so far. So payday loan thank you very much for your same day payments and easy repayment plan you guys are the bomb 🙂

  • L bloxham |

Great Service!! Speedy Process, That’s why I use these guys all the time, well worth the hassle free when I’m in Need AAA+++

  • J Ofe |

Quick fast & fantastic customer service. Highly recommended!!

  • D Shirtliff |

Thank you for your amazing quick processing & customer service much appreciated

  • D Shirtliff |

Easy, affordable service every time

  • Jonathan C. |

Loans are high interest rate, but are very useful, especially with the 30min payment option if you are looking for quick cash on the day 🙂

  • Cerise D. |

Bloody great to deal with, quick and friendly service. Highly recommend

  • Mike S. |

Payday Loan applications have been a godsend. Applications for short-term loans are easy and all online. I have found Payday Loan very user friendly, and would recommend them to others.

  • Jes C. |

Thanks for the prompt service – it’s great when you need a little extra help before payday. 🙂

  • Zoe F. |

PAYDAY LOAN have saved my butt a few times now. Being paid monthly is a pain and when unexpected things have popped up, they were there to save the day. Highly recommended. I have no problems using them again.

  • Marissa G. |

Great service, hassle-free and always handy on those weeks where you need a little extra to keep you going… Been using you guys for about 2 years now… Very reliable.. Good stuff fellas!!

  • Isimeli V. |

Highly recommeded & very quick & efficient. Thank you

  • Natalie M. |

I have had 2 loans from Payday Loan and would recommend their service to any and everyone for their fast and courteous service. Thanks, Payday Loan

  • Henare R. |

2 weeks ago I was stressed out trying to find some money for my church stuff, because my monthly pay falls on the week after the due date for our church donations. I asked around and no one could help me. One day at work I clicked the mouse to read the news, and a loan company ad popped up, and I started fishing for an easy & cheap loan company, then I saw the word,”Be Smart, BorroWise”. I said to myself, just give it a go and wait. I honestly 100% recommend them if you need help financially. Not even 2 hours after I applied online and i received a call that my payday loan was approved. All they need is to confirm your details with your payroll manager. That’s all, and let them do their job. The same day I applied online – the same day I received the money in my account. It’s as easy as 1-2-3… Fast and good service. Thanks again.

  • Siativa T. |

Since becoming aware of PAYDAY LOAN I have been able to access this service for my benefit. It’s affordable, user friendly, great service, excellent for my needs. I don’t know what I would have done without it. I know that I can continue to utilize the service in the future. Thank you so much.

  • Donna P. |

Always friendly and helpful service. Transparent with their interest and easy loan repayments. Hassle free and quick.

  • Michael J. |

I would like to thank you again for your friendly service. The efficiency and timeliness of you job are really helpful and greatly appreciated!

  • Milla V. |

The service was prompt and professional. NO HASSLES

  • Ashley H. |

Awesome service

  • Allen S. |

I just want to give a massive shout out to Brittnee and the team for their outstanding service. They have bailed me out on many occasions and I would highly recommend this service if anyone is in need of financial help, only borrow what you are able to repay and you will be OK. Thanks again Brittnee and tell the team they are brilliant.

  • Lee L. |

Thank you Payday Loan for helping me out. I really appreciate the fast and helpful service. Keep up the good work people!!!

  • Sheena F. |

Great service and very efficient. Hassle free and very friendly customer service. Would definitely use them again. Thanks

  • Channa W. |

These guys never fail me!! I’ve tried so many other services in the past, none as fast as this PDL, I rely on these guys for all emergencies which has been quite frequent in family matters. Very little fuss, great response time, always delivers a great service no questions asked. KEEP IT UP, PDL

  • Johnathan O. |

Thanks Payday Loan, you’re simply the best. The one company that’s easy to deal with and hassle free. Friendly and understanding staff when talking to them over the phone or via email. Funds in your bank account within 30mins. No need to go to an office everything made easy and done online. Thanks again and I will be in contact for sure when in need of your assistance.

  • LTaoa |

I have found Payday Loans to be a fast, efficient and friendly origination. The process to get a loan approved to having the funds in my bank account was quick and pain free. I would highly recommend Payday Loan

  • P Warren. |

Payday Loan takes the load of my shoulders when I’m stuck with little things that need to be done in my life. Thank you Payday Loan.

  • Pauline L. |

I love the fact that having a payday loan advance really helps and supports me in every way

  • Mirika T. |

Always fast and easy, no hassles!

  • Elizabeth I. |

The service is always fast, efficient and helpful. Thank you

  • Angela P. |

Things couldn’t be more fast and easy, always helpful and have never let me down. Have been a happy customer for a while now. Will definitely refer more customers.

  • Frank T. |

Awesome service and very convenient.

  • Iza K. |

Fast, friendly, helpful people, there when you need them the most

  • Robert N. |

Excellent service and very prompt. A+

  • Zoe F. |

Awesome communication and customer service. Effortless application and re-application process. Always my first choice for short term loans. Thank you Payday Loan!

  • Esther T. |

Very easy and honest short term loans, cheers.

  • Jonathan C. |

Excellent service, very efficient and fast.

  • Malu T. |

I like this company because it helps me a lot with whatever I need for emergency, thanks for the help

  • Setefano V. |

Found the service brillant. No stress.

  • Cheryl B. |

Great customer service and friendly. The process was so simple and Payday Loan is a great short term solution to those unexpected bills. I truly recommend Payday Loan to anyone seeking that assistance, and the team there are superb quick and understanding. Great options for repayments and manageable too. Cheers

  • Eugene C. |

Very efficient loan providers, and hassle-free. Highly recommended with good interest rates for a short term loan.

  • Ray N. |


  • Lynette W. |

Payday Loan is awesome, so fast and efficient with friendly staff. Would recommend to friends and family. Thanks

  • Kirsty E. |

The transaction was effortless, and the new paperless system is ideal for busy people. I really appreciated the smoothness and no-fuss application. Thank you for all your assistance today and for making a problem go away.

  • June T. |

Thanks Payday Loan, I had a cash emergency and was able to raise required funds so quickly. A nice simple process too, and the repayment flexibility is awesome.

  • Laurie C. |

The service was excellent and they had faith in me when they accepted my loan, even when they knew my credit rating wasn’t good.

  • Helen T. |

My experience with Payday Loan has been great. I have used them several times to assist me with my financial needs. The staff are helpful & payment prompt. When I have had difficulty meeting repayments staff are happy to discuss options. They have been there in my time of need & I have been very grateful for that.

  • Gaylene T. |

I’d just like to say thank you Payday Loan for allowing me to apply and approve loans with fast response, and an awesome team that have great customer service Thankyou regards C Hari Hari

  • Celia H. |

I have used Payday Loan twice now and just using your service has been fantastic. It’s convenient, the process is very simply and quick. I would certainly use Payday Loan in the future if I need too. Thank you Payday Loan.

  • Donna P. |