School holidays activities that won’t leave you out of pocket

Decorate the kids’ room together.
– Create storage for the countless amount of toys your kids probably have – you could try ideas like covering unwanted boxes in wrapping paper and letting the children draw on them. Or, if you are aiming for a more sophisticated look, find fabric you love and stick it on the boxes using glue – just make sure you don’t use super glue.
– If your kids are not very creative, there has to be something they have made in school or at home that can be easily framed and hung on the wall. Personalising their personal or common space with such creations can add creative flair to your home and also make the young artist super proud.
– Consider creating an art corner. You can easily use your table to keep art supplies lined up in containers and within easy reach. Clean and reuse small jars and boxes to hold art tools. You can also paint or wrap ribbons around these holders for a more decorative touch.

Be creative.
Make your own play dough, salt dough ornaments, window ornaments, bath bombs, fridge magnets, flower press, terrarium / fairy garden, beaded jewellery, crystal/bead wire trees, bird houses, build outdoor huts, pick shells to make hanging mobiles, collect leaves to press them, the list is endless!

Go for a walk.
Explore your local area or city landmarks. There are so many beautiful places in New Zealand to explore for free; for example, if you live in Auckland, you could visit One Tree Hill & Cornwall Park, Mt Eden, Mt Victoria, Auckand Domain, Albert Park, etc.

Aotea Square Ice Rink.
If you are based in Auckland, the Aotea Square Ice Rink’s fun-filled programme includes ice skating lessons, skating demonstrations, snow sculpture-making, competitions and themed weekends. The cover charge for adults is $20; $15 for kids. There are also free events available not only on school holidays, but throughout the whole year – have a look here for more information or Google free events in your town.

Go to your local market.
Attend your local Saturday/Sunday market with the little ones for some entertainment, home-made sweets and low cost international cuisine treats. They also often offer fun activities for kids, such as face painting and puppet shows!

Sources: Wise Bread, KidSpot.