Payday Loans vs. Pawnbrokers

Sometimes we may feel like, when we are financially stressed, that there are not a lot of options out there that are legitimate companies that want to help us out. Before you contemplate using a payday loan or pawnbroker option, you should always consider talking to your friends or family to borrow the money that you may need. If this is not an option, consider how much money you need and if it is quite large, talk to your bank about your possibilities. However, here are some tips to keep in mind if you do decide to go with a payday loan company or a pawnbroker, such as cash converters.

The first thing you may want to consider is how convenient these options are for you, depending on how fast you need your money. Essentially, the process to get a loan from a payday loan company allows you to go through an online application and send in the required documents via email or fax. Pawnbrokers tend to only lend to people if they come into one of their locations, where they sit down with you and go through their entire process, which may not be exactly possible if you’re working or busy.

Another concern you may have is the idea of having a secured loan versus an unsecured loan. Pawnbrokers allow you to take out a loan with them depending on the value you are willing to supply to them. This may not seem like it would matter to some people until you accidentally miss a payment, which could result in you losing an item that had importance to you. Payday loans do not ask you to put any items up as security for the loan you want to take out, however, the amount of the loan is usually calculated by how much income you’re currently making from your job.

One of the main concerns that most people have when it comes to getting a loan from either of these companies is the fees and contract. If you do your research correctly, the company that you choose usually have a very open and honest contract that you can physically see what you are being charged for. Both companies of course have interest, because nothing in this world is free, and the fees are generally the same. The best advice to consider is to do your research and even call the companies and talk to them about your questions and concerns. If you need a loan and plan on paying back the lenders exactly what you had discussed, you will have no problems.