How to Travel Cheap in New Zealand

If you didn’t know already, traveling in New Zealand can be fairly expensive if you don’t do your research and know exactly where you can save some money on your inbound travels. These tips will cover alternative ideas when it comes to food, transportation, accommodation, and activities, which will hopefully save you some money on your next trip that you’re planning.

Unfortunately, there is no way that you can completely skip eating on your trip (don’t we wish though), but you can cut the cost down by quite a bit. The first option is bringing your own food, go to a cheap grocery store or bakery and stock up on some goodies before you hit the road. However, if you do find yourself wanting to check out some of the restaurants on the way, keep this motto in mind, drink locally and eat globally. Try to eat at more ethnic restaurants because they are usually priced a lot cheaper and when it comes to our local wine and beer there are actually some very nice options.

One of the most costly factors when it comes to traveling is transportation. A good tip, if you want to drive to your location, is to look into taking a relocation vehicle. With these vehicles you can choose which vehicle you desire and how many days you need it for. The small fee can definitely be worth it when it comes with a full tank of petrol! If you are looking to fly it may be worth investing in the airlines reward program, if they have one. For example, Air New Zealand has air points, although it may be $50 dollars to sign up, you could still have some major savings in the future.

Another obstacle that may come your way when you’re planning a trip is what to do about your accommodation. An easy tip is look into going on your trip during the off season so that prices can be considerably lower compared to when it’s usually a busy time for other travelers. You can also consider going camping as well, there are a variety of sites to go camping around New Zealand that can be considered a more adventurous trip. When you’re planning a trip, it may be worth looking into house sitting or doing a house swap, this could save yourself quite a bit of money on accommodation and help others do the same.

The last tip is what to do about those activities that you want endure on during your travels. The best way to save money is to do some research and be sure to look at sites such as daily deals or bookme for coupons on activities that you would really like to do. Also, don’t forget that there is such thing as free sights, these may include churches, monuments, and natural attractions, and so make sure you take full advantage of places that are free.