How to Stop Yourself from Impulsive Online Spending

If you’re an online shopper, you know how difficult it is to try and buy only a few items not as often as you probably should. Purchasing items online is not only convenient, but can actually save you money if you don’t over use it and practice self-control. If you are currently financially struggling or even think you are spending too much online, read these tips and hopefully they will help you get control over your spending habits.

The first few steps that you should take are how to handle the way you pay for items. This means that you should really only be paying with one account. If you find yourself paying with multiple accounts, it can be hard to manage your finances and determine how much you’ve really spent. When you’re putting in your account or credit card details, make sure that you don’t save it. The reason why sites want you to save your information is because they want you to just click and buy instead of reflecting on how much you’re spending when you are putting in your details. If you stop saving it, you will most likely stop and debate if you still want certain items or not.

One way that you might be tempted to shop is when you are receiving emails from different online places with new items that they have available for purchase. In order to save yourself from even looking, unsubscribe from the places you find yourself always shopping at. This may be difficult but it will help because once you stop seeing the promotions, the less tempted you will be to buy something. The same goes for when they ask for your email, either online or in stores, just save yourself the hassle and say you don’t have one.

The last few tips are when you find yourself on a shopping website and browsing for items to buy. The first is you should always do is set a limited amount of time that you will allow yourself to online shop for. It can be tempting to spend hours and hours trying to find something but if you don’t find something right away, move onto doing something else. If you do find something you love, make sure you start getting into the habit of researching every purchase. What this will do is it will allow you to see if you can save money on a similar item or even help you decide if you still really want the item. And finally, keep a wish list! Don’t force yourself to buy everything at once. If you’re generally organised, you can keep a list of all the items you would like to purchase and when you will be able to buy them. Online shopping can be fun but make sure that you protect yourself from overspending.