How to Spend a Money Free Weekend

Whether you’re on your own or with your family this weekend, try to challenge yourself to have a money free weekend. When the weekend comes around, people often start spending quite a bit of money treating themselves for working hard during the week. Everyone deserves a break but it doesn’t mean you have to spend money to have fun! Next time you find yourself bored on the weekend, hopefully some of these tips will get you busy and entertained.

Some basic activities you can do around the house to keep you busy and productive is doing a walk through, if you do decide to follow through with this, put some music on so it makes it a lot more enjoyable. After you do that, go through your appliances or other household items and make sure that no maintenance needs to be done, this can include changing light bulbs, filters or anything else that could be fixed. If you’re not in the handyman mood, then why not rearrange your furniture? Give your house a new fresh look and you might shocked at how those changes make you feel inspired and accomplished.

If you are looking for stuff to do with your family or spouse on the weekend, there are a variety of things you can do either at home or in your community. Some of the best things to do if you feel like staying indoors, especially if the weather isn’t that great, is to play a board game or cards. Once you start playing you will remember why you loved playing them so much when you were a kid. Another fun activity to do with your kids is building a blanket fort! The hours of fun your kids will have with some blankets is quite entertaining and it will keep them busy. If you feel like getting out of the house why not play sports with your kids, have a mini rugby game or teach them another sport they might not have played yet. Something to keep in mind is seeing what is going on in your community, sometimes events and fun activities are going on that you might not have even known about that your kids or spouse would enjoy attending with you. If you are feeling charitable, it might be worth volunteering an afternoon of your time with your spouse.

Now something that may not be exactly the “fun” activity you were looking to do this weekend, could be something you need to do. Take the time to sit down and look at your finances, this could be an ideal time to notice any irregular spending or changes that you may need to make note of. It could be even worth sitting down with your spouse and talking about your future goals and things you would like to accomplish by a certain date. However, a more entertaining financial task would be planning a trip in the near future. Find out the best deals and when a cheaper time of the year to go is and that way you will find yourself more motivated to save money so that you and your loved ones can spend more weekends together doing fun activities.