How Anyone Can Make Money from Photos and Videos

One of the easiest ways that you can earn extra money is from creating photos and videos. There are a variety of examples of people that have made quite a bit of money from making a funny video or taking photos of anything! This article will give some insight on some things you may not know and hopefully get you started on making your own.

The first thing to ask yourself is what do you really know about videos and photos that are circulating around the Internet? You probably could have guessed that YouTube is the number 1 content source for videos with over 650 million fans. Something you might not have known though is that YouTube has committed $350 million dollars to original content. Another website, Vimeo, allows pro or plus members to have a “Tip Jar” which allows the creator to keep 85% of the money. If videos aren’t your speciality, websites such as Istock and Shutterstock, can give out royalties that start at 15% and can be raised to 45%.

Now how do you start making money? Start uploading! Put your videos or pictures up on YouTube or ShutterStock. Once you’ve done that, take advantage of other social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram. If you aren’t as Internet savvy as you would like to admit, see if you can hang some of your photography at local art galleries and sell it that way. Another very popular idea is blogging, once you build a following, you can post photos and videos that will eventually grab people’s attention. The more websites that you are affiliated with, the more likely you will gain more media attention.

Another option, if you have some basic skills with video editing or Photoshop, you can begin doing a number of things to earn some extra money. You can design greeting cards that you can sell throughout the year, possibly using the same photo. A different idea is that you can create videos for events, weddings, and businesses! Once you’ve made a couple of successful ones, more and more people will request your services.

If you don’t believe that anyone can make quite a bit of cash from videos and photos, here are some success stories. In 2007, a video was uploaded of two babies called “Charlie bit my finger- again!” which made the family over $150,000. Another example is Darren Rowse who is a blogger with two successful blogs that now generate him around $20,000 a month. The best thing about trying to make money from photos or videos is that if you’re not successful it isn’t much of a waste to you, besides your time. It is definitely worth putting in some effort to see if you can earn some extra money with videos or photos over the Internet.