We understand that unforeseen circumstances can occur after you have taken out a loan that may result in difficulty with your repayments. If you have suffered an unforeseen event since taking out your loan that has made it difficult to repay, you can request a hardship application form here.



Once you have submitted your request – you will be sent an application form to complete.
This form sets out a series of questions which, when completed, will enable us to promptly assess your application. Depending on the reason for your application you will likely need to provide supporting evidence such as bank statements, medical certificates or letters from your employer.

Who can apply for hardship?
All hardship applications must relate to an unforeseeable cause. If you knew or reasonably suspected you would e.g. be made redundant, or needed an operation before you took out the loan then your hardship application may be declined.

The law limits who can apply for financial hardship consideration however our current policy is to initially accept all genuine hardship applications for assessment.

Can I apply another way?
Yes you can apply for hardship by contacting us (in writing) at:
Fax: 0800 001 477
Postal Address: P O Box 11187, Ellerslie, Auckland 1542
E-mail: hardship@zethus.co.nz

You will need to provide your loan number and specify the reasonable unforeseen event (e.g. illness, injury, loss of employment, end of a relationship or other reasonable cause) that led to your inability to meet your repayment obligations.

Whilst we will process all applications in accordance with legislative time frames it is likely an application not submitted on our standard form and without required supporting documents may result in a slower assessment time. Therefore we recommend you request a hardship application form by completing the information requested above.