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Get Cash Now – Online Payday Loans in NZ

Jenna Hagle

Thanks to the Internet, our loan applications are entirely online-based and can be filled out and submitted within a matter of minutes.

There are a lot of myths about payday loans, but let us assure you that getting a fast NZ cash loan from Payday Loan can be a convenient and quick solution if you require extra cash for a short period of time. Below are some of the reasons why hundreds of New Zealanders have already chosen us as their preferred short-term lender:

1. Being a responsible lender, we ensure the affordability of our personal cash loans by lending only a percentage of a customer’s regular pay cheque.

2. No hassle, no waiting – we are here to make the process easy for our clients. We pride ourselves on our level of customer service and strive to have the quickest response – on average, it takes within 60 minutes for us to process a new loan application once we receive all of your supporting documents! Personal loans are calculated with our sophisticated risk management system to ensure that our customers won’t struggle to pay back their loans. However, we still strongly encourage customers to do a budget or seek independent advice prior to applying, as only they can decide if the cost of a loan is worth it for their particular temporary cash emergency.

3. If you apply for a cash advance from us, and if your application is approved, we can pay the money to you overnight.

4. Interest is calculated on a daily basis, so the sooner you pay it back, the cheaper it is – unlike some other lenders, we do not penalise customers for repaying early. To make an early payment, please contact Payday Loan.