Are there any online tools to help me sort my finances out?

Finances can sometimes be a very troubling thing; they can seem so complex and so hard to figure out, that sometimes people think that the best thing to do is to ignore them – rather than do something about them. People in this position can run a high risk of getting themselves into debt that is out of control. Loans for things that they don’t need, credit card debt that they don’t pay off; people with these types of debt can often struggle to make it back above water.

However, there are some useful online tools here in New Zealand that can help you begin a process that can speed up the process getting out of the debt. A website called can be a wonderful resource for creating a strategy for starting to get out of debt. The website has a bunch of calculators that are easy to use and understand. They are put into three categories:

“Think ahead” is the first set of calculators that help you plan ahead with your money, so that you are not living beyond your means. This is an important first step before you can begin trying to reduce any debt that you may have.

“Shrink your debt” is the next set of calculators. It works to collate all your debt and help you with a plan to get rid of it. It takes into account all sorts of debt, from mortgages and student loans to credit card and cash loan debt.

“Grow your savings” is the final set of calculators and it works off the back of the first two. You have got a plan for your money, your debt is shrinking and now you can focus on growing your savings.

This three step process on sorting your finances is something that a lot of NZ payday loan companies recommend doing before you look into taking out a loan. Good reputable Kiwi companies like Payday Loan care for their community and don’t want to see anyone get further into debt by not being smart when borrowing money.

If you do have your finances in order, but something unexpected comes up, which we could possibly help with, please do not hesitate to talk to us today to see how we can help you out of your short-term cash emergency.