Bad Credit Cash Loans in NZ

Instant Bad Credit LoansIf your credit history is far from being perfect: how many times have your loan applications been rejected by other lenders? Bad credit history can get in the way of you receiving a loan at many places, but often not with Payday Loan! No more endless searching - we understand that bad credit is a reality for many people, but it shouldn't affect your ability to get the help you need.

We are an experienced and trusted, 100% Kiwi owned and operated payday company; we understand how hard it may be at times to find a confidential, friendly and understanding lender, and here are the reasons why we think you should consider choosing us for your bad credit cash loan needs:

We know it can be stressful

In these difficult economic times, financial emergencies are stressful enough, and we don't want to make it any more complicated for you. We believe that most people deserves the right to get a confidential loan whenever they need it most. That is why we promise to not contact any third party (such as your employer) while approving your loan. We won't ask why you need the loan either. Your reasons are your reasons!

As you will have notified us of your credit rating status when first applying for a loan, we won't need to perform a credit check (however, we check whether applicants are currently bankrupt or under Summary Instalment Order or No Asset Procedure).

We can offer a tailored bad credit loan solution

With Payday Loan, you can apply for exactly what you need and over the number of repayments that will best suit your particular financial situation - and that way, create a loan specifically for your short-term needs! We encourage all our customers to create a budget prior to applying to ensure the loan will be affordable to pay back.

You are also welcome to use our Calculator to find that perfect combination of the loan amount and the number of repayments. You can apply here if you are a new customer:

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Important information we need you to know

AIR (ANNUAL INTEREST RATE) Our AIRs range from 502% to 602% per annum or approximately 1.38% to 1.65% per day. IMPLICATIONS OF NON PAYMENT: To avoid additional costs please repay your loan according to agreed terms, however where a non-payment (or other default) occurs the following applies; Fees - A fee of $50 applies to each missed or failed payment. A fee of $10 applies for each reminder letter. A fee if $10 applies for each week you remain in default. Default Interest: Default interest applies to any overdue amount at 109.5% per annum. Collection Practices: We undertake to manage collection of our loans in accordance with legal requirements and industry standards and will promptly contact you should you miss a payment date. Credit Score Implications: A repaid loan in accordance with agreed terms should positively influence your credit score. However when a missed payment, failed payment or unpaid loan occurs this is likely to negatively impact your credit score. Renewal Policy: Renewals are available on loans (other than your first loan) where your past payment history is satisfactory to us and are subject to our discretion. Renewals are not automatic. A fee of $15 applies. Click here for further information on our loans